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im dania.and im renewing my blog.ignore about my past,people:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


finally exam habis.i'm dead.penatlah doing all these stuffs.rase mcm da give up.nak tunggu 6 months lagi.god!penat.x larat.stress.saket.everything.susah nk describe.i wish i cn't just let evrithing go.dah puas kene console ngn my mum.urgh.

to be continued:)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

why do people chnge so drastically whenu dun evn ready to get used to it
why can't just they stay the way they are
how lame it is rite?
when looking bck through the past.i never thought i've now becoming 17.
one year older than before n always grow older.
i realize i won't be a kid anymore.that's fr sure.
how life would be so far difficult.the obstacles would be larger.
am i ready to face the real world?
no i dun thnk so.

there's too many things "complicated things" in my mind that i hope i can vanish it within a second.
i hope there'll be a solution fr all my questions.
not less than one year i won't wear my baju sekolah anymore.yeay!
when it comes to it,i really hate it.susah la.dgn iguana lg.enough!
yea.bt i know when i've come to that tyme,i'll surely miss them back.
it's a normal thing.u'll miss the thing that u hate rite?
looking into the future.i hope i can persue my stdy in UK.
i really hope.i want to take medic.
although most of people don not blieve in my ability in it.
what do i care?
i have a vission.i'll make sure it becomes a relity.
but wtv pun its all in GOD's hand.
if He had made a destiny fr me.how can i deny it.
"dibuatnya aku kene kawen tahun dpan"
twh pon sbb allah dah tentukan.
bt i hope it won't happen.selisih malaikat 44.
yeay.my dream is to smbg stdy dkt UK then sty sane fr about 15 years,
i want to work thre,have a really stable job so that i won't depend on any guy.
i won't ask fr their precious money.no and never.
i've analysed nowadays woman being ditindas because they don't have jobs.
they depend on man fr the sake of the children.yeah that's what we said as SACRIFICE.
i've no doubt about it.okay stop talking about that.
after that i''ll start to think about my own personal life.
after counting the years,i'll be arnd 30 +++ at that time,
"ade ke org nk kat aku wktu twh?"
haha.lantaklah lah.kalaw x de.i've made a deal with my mum.
by the time i don't have any calon when 1'm 28.
please find one for me:)
sounds so conservative.
but what do i care.it's totally my dull life not yours.
then i'll think about the small2 things after that.
so what can i conclude my life would act begin when i'm already 30++
but as i've said.it's just my planning.it would maybe change over time.
if one day i meet sumone who really can show he's so different with others.that's the time i'll started to change all my plannings just to be with him.wtv i'm still like othr teenagers who need potion to be healed:)

Friday, May 1, 2009

hrm no conclusion pun abt both of this picture.she's the same person.i admit i have two dfrnt personality.got any problems with that?:)