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im dania.and im renewing my blog.ignore about my past,people:)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

this is the tough moment fr me
while i'm wrting ths my tears keep rolling down
but it's okay
tht's a life.i never thought this would be the end.
i mean after all u did,i x sangke u berubah macam ni.
why?ape salah i?
i syg u.tp u buat i mcm ni.
bru i rase sketnya broke up.mybe ade hikmah behind what had happen.
i believe it.i should continue my life.
move on dania.its not the end of the world.
now.i should learn how to frgt u.and learn to accept the fact.
i see my future,i should move on.
i don't need a boyfie ryte now or maybe forever.:)


Thursday, February 25, 2010





Sunday, February 7, 2010


oh man.im so in dilemma ryte now.
whether i should just let u go or just keep holding on.
ive tried but sometimes it didn't work out.
im not stupid.im not blind.so please show me somethng.
somethg clear so that i cn understnad clearly whts going on.
ive closed my heart for all guys.its just fr u.
u don't know wht am i dealing wth.
just tell me if u have someone.
at least.i can heal myself now.i can change my mind.set it up back.
and go on wth my life.
so pls.don't let me find my own way:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


now im making money through internet.
well actually i just started doing it:)
when ive got the income i'll tell u how:)

*blinkblink*hopefully i can be a millionaire.aha

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


haha.suddenly rase mcm nk tulis somethng about last night.
hrm.after all.lame dah x borak about secret2 thngs dgn papa
so last night i did.
thts the only way pun nk dpt extra pocket
so i talked about somethg personal with him.
and haa.he's so open minded.i feel comfortable talking to him.
i confessed to him that i have a BOYFRIEND:)
and he seem like sengih2.and give me some advice.
haha.and pling best mntak permission blek lmbt sket bcause it seem i cannot tolerate much dgn my mum.so kene gune kuasa VETO lah kan mintk dkat papa.
and after my mum came.we stopped talking about that.
after all i thnk talking with father is much easier.
the most important part that i like is that "Along dah besar kan.u've already 18.i understand.whatever pun take care of yourself"
haha.fr me.it sounds unbelievable bcause my mum always think that im just a little kid and blablabla.
so yeah.it gives me some confidence when my dad said it:)
hrm.pnjng lagi cnversationnya.but malas lah nk tulis
whatever pun.my mission ACCOMPLISHED:)