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im dania.and im renewing my blog.ignore about my past,people:)

Friday, October 23, 2009

25 more days

counting fr spm.
but i don't know lah.
makin dekat nak spm.
makin eager aku nak kluar skola.
bknnya takut spm.haih.
y oh y?
but still boleh control:)
lots of plan dah pikir.
hrm.business.license.enjoy.vacation.n bla2:)
cn't wait:)
and of course seeing the real world:)
and finding someone who can accept me fr who am i:)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


again i lost something yg i really sayang.memang x sngka lah.i just got new phne fr my bday present last week.yet phne twh kene crik smlm.and the most saddest part is i just use it fr a day.before ni hilang purse ksyangan.tp x pelah.bcause it wasn't so expensivelah kalaw nk dicompare dgn a phne.dah la kene crik masa masuk dlm train.let me tell u what happen act.frst masa nk masuk train i didn't realize wher i put it.then masa dlm train i cri2 lah dlm bag,pocket and everywhere.tp x jumpe.fine.maybe ade lah tersorok kat celah2 mane.
sddnly my mum cll my num.and guess wht?ade org angkat.and the bckground sound memang mcm dalam train.bt mayb dalam gerabak yang lain.GOSH!only God knows how i feel that tyme.gle rase dunia nih empty.because it happened x smpai berapa scnd pun.then pling bongok.org twh cll back my mum.we kept trying to cll that num.mmang dye x bukak sim lagi.probably seronok bace msg i lah kut.thnx god x de mende yg merisaukan dlm phne twh:( few hours later cll balek.dye angkat but senyap je.hrm.i know it sounds silly to mengharap lagi tp i really hope org twh bleh pulangkan blek.and tdy i call lg.dye dah buang kut sim twh.sedeh gle:((i macm org gle dlm train smlm.keep on searching org.and nanges.evryone looking at me.tp ape i pedulik.sp x syang weyh.br sehari dpt.then my mum cmfort me.ade rezeki kite bli baru.mayb that phone not meant for me.x pe lah i redha.i doakan org yg curik twh mati katak and otak pecah kat tgh jalan:)AMIN:)and one more thng mende nih i have to keep as a secret frm my dad sbb kalaw die taw i know he will sgt kecewa.sory Pa.these are some of dugaan yg i face ths year.sometimes i pkir asl semua bende yg i jaga elok2.syang sgt2 ilang sekelip mata.what have i done wronG?x pe lah dania.evry single thing yang happen ade hikmah.u just hold to that words okay:P

and now i feel so much released.biarlah.lepas ni bli phne cikai cukuP:D