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im dania.and im renewing my blog.ignore about my past,people:)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

here's about my family day held last 2 weeks:)
what can i say..FANTASTIC!
we had lots of fun there.:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


oh god!i really hope we all x payah pg BTN.it's such a stupid bloody actvt.common lah kteorg nk exam mid year kut.there's no other tyme lah nk study.that weekend is the only one yang kteorg ade nk release tension n all those stuffs.tolonglah!i really hope there's sumone yg boleh tlg kteorg.miracle datang so that kteorg x pyh pg.plis n plis.we all really down yang teramat.next 2 weeks dah exam mid year.another burden dtg.:(
dah la.sj meluah prasan yg gle hancur skrg:)

Friday, April 17, 2009


hrm.seem like dah lame x update blog.this overnight i was like so boros.so many things beli.nyesal pun ade.bt x pe lah.it's abt a month dah x blek.mayb fr sme people."alah!baru sblan."bt fr me sblan means alot bg org yg tggl dekat++dependent nih.hee.tmrw going fr FAMILY GATHERING!can't wait.dah lame gle x jumpe my relatives.almobt abt like 4 month.haha.that's y i'm so damn
excited.the best part ade theme lg twh.BOLLYWOOD!sure everyone melaram sakan lah kowt.my family biase je lah.bt ths year sad sket lah.my father x de.tggllah we all 4 members dalam family.bt it's so okaylah.we all fine with it.dah IMMUNE.hahaha.
hrm.byk pulak membebel.later i cerite abt how my fam gathering went on:)

home sweet home


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

silly things:)

masa: 7.30 malam
hari: rabu
tujuan: berbuka puasa di dewan makan
keseganan: tanpa meyedari telah mengelap tangan pada kain baju kurung NADIA:) di bawah meja
(patutlah macam licin smacm je alas meja nih:P)
tindakan: sorry babe.x sengaje.telah mencuci menggunakan air masak.
silly dania.muke u merah gle.tu lah spe sruh pemlas sgt:)
a nice memory

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i never blame u for the wrong doing that u have done to us.
just came back and be together.
we'll just look and wait for u to come to us.
but if u'll never come back
it is a faith that been stated
we accept it without regret:)


nak balek:(

tabiat buruk

urgh.tdy dah almost 3 kali kene tgor.sbb pe?i asyek nganga je.haih nk bwt cmne.that's totally my habit since azali lagi.lyk besh je.after that sure rase ngontok:)ngee.not that x penah try nk berubah bt memng sah2 x mnjadi.(x pe la dania.janji kaw bahagie:)

Sunday, April 5, 2009



walking colours?

hr.exam mid term was quiet okylah.puas hatila jgk.alhamdulillah:)8a1 1a2.bt plg frst a2 twh was addmath:(x pe lah dania.work harder next tyme oky.salah kaw jugak.sp srh cnfident sgt mlm twh stdy physic je.padan muke!hrm. xpe2.i got the lesson dah.jgn stdy last minute.(kaw nk result kaw truk lg ke?)hrm.bundle of exam coming.prove lah fr the next and next exam lg:)haih.penat lah.24 7 tgk buku.x pe2.final year.counting the day je nk end up all this.around 7 month lg:)
wtv.chayok2 dania!
da la.later continue stry lg:)


i create blog.
after a long time dihasut.br skrg nak sedar.
while looking at intan' s blog.tgn suddnly menggatal nak buat jugak.
wtv pun.dah buat pon