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Sunday, April 5, 2009

walking colours?

hr.exam mid term was quiet okylah.puas hatila jgk.alhamdulillah:)8a1 1a2.bt plg frst a2 twh was addmath:(x pe lah dania.work harder next tyme oky.salah kaw jugak.sp srh cnfident sgt mlm twh stdy physic je.padan muke!hrm. xpe2.i got the lesson dah.jgn stdy last minute.(kaw nk result kaw truk lg ke?)hrm.bundle of exam coming.prove lah fr the next and next exam lg:)haih.penat lah.24 7 tgk buku.x pe2.final year.counting the day je nk end up all this.around 7 month lg:)
wtv.chayok2 dania!
da la.later continue stry lg:)

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