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im dania.and im renewing my blog.ignore about my past,people:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

introduce my annoying,hot-tempered syster:)
opps!little sister:D

Sunday, March 14, 2010


why?why u x buang i lg?y i still ade kat your topfriend?
i mean i'm the only girl there.why,pls tell me:(

Saturday, March 13, 2010


well people:)
this is my kampung:D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


urgh.why ths weekend be the toughest one among the rest:(

thursday: spm result will be announced:(
friday : i'll be having my jpj test:(
sunday: birthday party risya:)

i feel like killing myself,seriously:)

haha.ni gaduh berebutkan laki ni.haha:)
why must every hello ends with a goobye?
can anybody answer me?:)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

psst.i hate you:)

i really hate you.
i really do,just go away,pls?

Monday, March 8, 2010

tick tock!

okay2.enough ah nk bunyi tick tock dentam dentum ke.
but time dah x boleh stop kan.
in not less than 40 hours je result will be announced
ouch!takut glaa.boleh shaking satu badan,
11 march.date yg mmg x kan dilupakan even bila dah beranak cucu pun.
haih.hopefully,i dapat result with flying colours.
urgh please lah.tyme pmr dulu pun rase nk tercabut lutut tgk name
ni pulak spm yg org ckap so-called penentu masa hadapan.
well fr me.its just the beginning pun.
if x dpat,doesn't mean that its the ned of the world.
so,aha,ni actually saje nk sedapkan hati je.hahaha.
so to all spm leavers 2009:)
i wish that we all will pass with flying colours and get excellent result okay?:)
to orion,we had done our best so whatever result kluar pun.i still love u guys:)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's always the same in every relationship, there is always one person crying and wishing to get back together, while the other doesn't even remember the things they've been through. I hate that I have to be the one who remembers every little detail while you can't seem to remember me at all.

p/s:maaf,post2 seterusnya akan byak diisi dgn quotes:)
im healing myself probably:)
I don't miss him, I miss who I thought he was.

p/s:i still try to forget you:)

sudden attack!

there come to a point where u don't care anymore to what people think or say about you.
because why?its ur life,not them
u dont have the right to change me
hate me and leave me?i don't give a damn pun
i know whats good or bad fr me okay
we are not perfect.i know what's my weakness.
but i'll chnge when im ready.im not bad:)
haha.i mean i don't kill people.i don't take drug alcohol.
just pls don't force me.my chracter change according to my appearance
when im in baju kurung,x kan lah aku nk tnjuk yg aku ni free hair pulak kan?:)
so deal with it okay?btw thnx fr whom yg advice ke ape ape lah
thnx fr ur concern.i do appreciate:)
and and and urgh.malas lah nak tules evntgh dalam hati ni rase nk sumpah seranah orang!
tdo lah dulu:)

haha.she's my cousin:)
comel kan?hee.we all pggl die K.tuty:)
die kate "haih,ade aje tikus mondok kat blakang sibuk bergambar!"
get it?:)


tuan tuan dan puan puan,
starting from today and onwards,aku dah mati.
aku ulangi aku dah mati
there's no point lagi dah.
ignore aku,faham?sebab aku dah mati,
jiwa aku dah kosong,jasad aku dah melayang.
jangan tanya sbb aku cakap aku dah mati.
i'll go away.i really hope.
aku xkan menyusahkan lagi,forgive me for wht ive done.
sesungguhnya its true wht u have said.
x payah simpan lagi aku ni.x berguna pun.
and from now,dania inarah dah x da:)
i really hope i'll rest in peace:)

Saturday, March 6, 2010


haha.latest post ni aku nak cakap.aku jadi makin rebel!u guys percaya x?
ahhaha.ths is the way if aku nk meluahkan kemarahan rase menyampah or frustration.:)
well let the picture do the talk okay:)

haha.wtv pun.ade aku kesah:)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


oh yeah.the latest post rase mcm nk tules pasal friendship:)
hee.i guess evryone needs friends.
even i pun.i mean best frens.
they are the one yg boleh dgr evry problem yg u ade.
ahha.x kesah lah even i merepek dah tahap melampau2 pun.
they are still there to listen.to hear my problems.to make me laugh back.
yes.igt senang ke nk cri kawan yg really honest dgn kite.
if u all bace ni.tolong2 lah terasa eh.ahaha.
i mean a good terasa ahh:)hrm.i mean sometimes x de boyfren pun x pe.
janji ade bff yg always be beside u:)
knkn?haha.tp kan mcmane lah nnti life dkat U kan.
evryone busy dgn study masing2.sure terkejar sane terkejar sni
haih.like mase pg eng camp harituh.sume orang jalan sorang2 je.
haih.x sunyi ke ha?haha.
ahh.pape lah kan.lambt lagi kut:)
ade lah lagi 3 bulan lagi.
so malas ah nk pkir:)
haih.serious takut esok.hopefully i'll pass the jpj test:(

they are some of my friends yg i jumpe during the eng cmp:)
althgh it was just a week but serious best glaaaa:)
i miss u guys doh,seriously:(

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hee.now forget about the sad part.
because now im enjoying every single moment of my life.
i mean yeah after all the shit that happen.
i just couldn't believe i can frget about u in just about 2 days.
i thgt it would be difficult,but fortunately its just a miracle.
i found someone,i mean a guy that bring back wht i've left befre.
he's not my boyfie pun,but he treats me well.
and i realize that a "boyfie-girlf" realtionship makes someone hurt badly.
so i decided not to have it right now.
fr the sake of i dn't want to get hurt in the futre:)
i realize that befre ths i terlampau syg him that evrythg that he did
i just took it.i simpan dlm hati.sabar and continue the relationship.
but thn smpai ble kan?so when he ingnored me and officially mntak break mase our anniversary,so i thgt it would be the end:)
no need to say lah yg u love me or wht because its so bullshit taw x?haha
and if u ckp u nak kte still keep in touch?hbes slama ni yg u ignre i.ade u cntct i?
ahha.nmpk fake gle kan?haha.pape lah u.:)
yes,i cried badly.some of my friends asked me.
do i sedih sebab kena dump or sbb love him?
i guess because i syg die:)i hpe u cn find someone better dr i
and please learn how to treat a girl.
jgn lah kejar awl2 and then u just ignre her just like wht u did to me.
but now, i have no regret about that.
well.S,may u have the best life:)

Monday, March 1, 2010

now i know the feeling of being dump:)
i become tougher each day:)
and i really hope i can forget evrythg between us:)
u don't know how suffer am i,
ur promise really made me sick.i swear!
just live ur life!be happy!
i hope u learn how to appreciate girls more because obviously u don't know how to treat girls the way it should:)

now,i'll just look forward and never turn back:)