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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hee.now forget about the sad part.
because now im enjoying every single moment of my life.
i mean yeah after all the shit that happen.
i just couldn't believe i can frget about u in just about 2 days.
i thgt it would be difficult,but fortunately its just a miracle.
i found someone,i mean a guy that bring back wht i've left befre.
he's not my boyfie pun,but he treats me well.
and i realize that a "boyfie-girlf" realtionship makes someone hurt badly.
so i decided not to have it right now.
fr the sake of i dn't want to get hurt in the futre:)
i realize that befre ths i terlampau syg him that evrythg that he did
i just took it.i simpan dlm hati.sabar and continue the relationship.
but thn smpai ble kan?so when he ingnored me and officially mntak break mase our anniversary,so i thgt it would be the end:)
no need to say lah yg u love me or wht because its so bullshit taw x?haha
and if u ckp u nak kte still keep in touch?hbes slama ni yg u ignre i.ade u cntct i?
ahha.nmpk fake gle kan?haha.pape lah u.:)
yes,i cried badly.some of my friends asked me.
do i sedih sebab kena dump or sbb love him?
i guess because i syg die:)i hpe u cn find someone better dr i
and please learn how to treat a girl.
jgn lah kejar awl2 and then u just ignre her just like wht u did to me.
but now, i have no regret about that.
well.S,may u have the best life:)

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