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Monday, March 8, 2010

tick tock!

okay2.enough ah nk bunyi tick tock dentam dentum ke.
but time dah x boleh stop kan.
in not less than 40 hours je result will be announced
ouch!takut glaa.boleh shaking satu badan,
11 march.date yg mmg x kan dilupakan even bila dah beranak cucu pun.
haih.hopefully,i dapat result with flying colours.
urgh please lah.tyme pmr dulu pun rase nk tercabut lutut tgk name
ni pulak spm yg org ckap so-called penentu masa hadapan.
well fr me.its just the beginning pun.
if x dpat,doesn't mean that its the ned of the world.
so,aha,ni actually saje nk sedapkan hati je.hahaha.
so to all spm leavers 2009:)
i wish that we all will pass with flying colours and get excellent result okay?:)
to orion,we had done our best so whatever result kluar pun.i still love u guys:)

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