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Sunday, March 7, 2010

sudden attack!

there come to a point where u don't care anymore to what people think or say about you.
because why?its ur life,not them
u dont have the right to change me
hate me and leave me?i don't give a damn pun
i know whats good or bad fr me okay
we are not perfect.i know what's my weakness.
but i'll chnge when im ready.im not bad:)
haha.i mean i don't kill people.i don't take drug alcohol.
just pls don't force me.my chracter change according to my appearance
when im in baju kurung,x kan lah aku nk tnjuk yg aku ni free hair pulak kan?:)
so deal with it okay?btw thnx fr whom yg advice ke ape ape lah
thnx fr ur concern.i do appreciate:)
and and and urgh.malas lah nak tules evntgh dalam hati ni rase nk sumpah seranah orang!
tdo lah dulu:)

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