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im dania.and im renewing my blog.ignore about my past,people:)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

i guess im giving up and that's it:')
i hope this is the best decision i ever made.its hurt when u really love someone yet he doesnt appreciate u.and i believe letting u go is the best right now.if really meant for each other,by what mean pun,we'll still be together:)

may god bless you.and for you,this is the first time i didnt hate people when i let them go.its because i let you go sincerely and i know its the best for you and for me.i guess.dont worry.my pray will always be with you:)

lots of love,

Friday, August 6, 2010

bla bla bla

is it my fault if i treat other guy oneday ?is it my fault if i turn to the other guy and ignore u oneday?is it my fault if i change my feeling towards you?is it my fault to let it happened?just so you know if that day happens,i wont regret a single thing because im pretty sure it's not my fault.u may say that yeah its all your fault,but the fact is it is really your fault,i wont look at you and say that it's my fault too.because ive sacrificed a lot for us.only i know wht im dealing with.i dont believe im as this right now.as loyal as nobody would think of.but if my sacrifices are'nt being appreciated by you,i guess other guy should deserve it.i repeat if one day it happened.i dont ask for it.but somehow people have their own limit kan?so do i:)

dont say that i didnt remind u because i guess ive told u so many times:)
sometimes when a couple break up,that's doesnt mean that either the guy or the girl found anther one,its because one of them doesnt appreciate his/her partner well:)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

izzat only:)

haih.i dont know why suddenly terase lonely pulak ni.semua sbb si nayzu ni x balek2 lagi.cpt lah balek.dah lapar dah ni:)
and after ni nak siapkan presentation agama and 2 lab reports yg im not sure btul ke x.HAHAH
okay enough with it,that's not my main point actually.
the big big reason is because i started to miss you:(
eventhough baru tadi jumpa kan.but tu lah kan.i seriously hate the part when i have to say goodbye to u.act i thgt there would be no drama for this tyme.but seem like u are so clever kan.ade jugak idea bernas u.HAHA.good boy baby:)
i just nk ckp thnks for giving me a second chance and be so patient that somehow i just couldnt imagine how can u be so cool eventhough wht i did to u was so terrible.but yeah.thats what made u so special to me:)
last week was the toughest week for us kan?paling byk bergaduh since last 2 months.yeah ive said to u befre kan i suke gaduh.but when dah makin syg u.no i mean gila sayang u i couldnt bare to keep on fighting lagi.i rase x larat nk gaduh dgn u.so the best way skarang is we have to really give and take.ill try my best to jaga hati you,and i hope ure doing the same thing. i can say ive sacrificed much i mean a lot when i be with you.and i hope its a worth for me to stay with you:)
i didnt regret of being with you,not even a bit,because i know and i can feel ure the right person for me:)


im back!

okay.now and onwards,ill be blogging back:)
why?because my other half asked me to do so,so since dah ade request.ade lah smgt balek nk blogging,and fyi,i didnt ask people to read pun wht i tules dalm blog ni.its just the place for me to express my feeling towards anythg,*someone*:)
and okay now to u BABY,dah boleh start jd my secret follower lah since u dont have blog kan:)