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Sunday, August 1, 2010

izzat only:)

haih.i dont know why suddenly terase lonely pulak ni.semua sbb si nayzu ni x balek2 lagi.cpt lah balek.dah lapar dah ni:)
and after ni nak siapkan presentation agama and 2 lab reports yg im not sure btul ke x.HAHAH
okay enough with it,that's not my main point actually.
the big big reason is because i started to miss you:(
eventhough baru tadi jumpa kan.but tu lah kan.i seriously hate the part when i have to say goodbye to u.act i thgt there would be no drama for this tyme.but seem like u are so clever kan.ade jugak idea bernas u.HAHA.good boy baby:)
i just nk ckp thnks for giving me a second chance and be so patient that somehow i just couldnt imagine how can u be so cool eventhough wht i did to u was so terrible.but yeah.thats what made u so special to me:)
last week was the toughest week for us kan?paling byk bergaduh since last 2 months.yeah ive said to u befre kan i suke gaduh.but when dah makin syg u.no i mean gila sayang u i couldnt bare to keep on fighting lagi.i rase x larat nk gaduh dgn u.so the best way skarang is we have to really give and take.ill try my best to jaga hati you,and i hope ure doing the same thing. i can say ive sacrificed much i mean a lot when i be with you.and i hope its a worth for me to stay with you:)
i didnt regret of being with you,not even a bit,because i know and i can feel ure the right person for me:)


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