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Friday, February 25, 2011

life' been pretty much tired now.dgn lab report,dgn hmewrk dgn test dgn nk fikir idea fr ee and G4 nya,i can say that my mind doesnt stop working unless when im having my sleeping hours.tu pun 3 jam mcmtu je.x sihat sungguh,ive recently drink nescafe black roast which i can say sgt power,but then it's not good actually. nk jadi doctor tp kesihatan dri kau pun kau x jaga:( i dont eat for lunch either,and breakfast pun mkn biskut kering je mcmtu,dh terbiase with this eating habit so dah immune kut,HAHA,hrm,overall pun i guess this is the life taht mmg bukan aku yg plih but then Allah dh tetapkan yg this is the bets route for me,so even i have so many things to complain about,i know evrthg surely have the hikmah.bfre ni i never cried when in comes to stdy and times management but masuk KMB,evrythg's mess up,aku igt aku boleh having the same fun life but then im wrong,kau leka enjoy kau yg rugi,that's what i learnt during last sem,byk sgt blek every weeknd adn stdy ntah ke mane,i dnt wanna do the same thing lagi and hopefully this sem would bring good fortune for me,HAHA,hrm,act byk nk tules but then i hve to sambung buat lab repot,till here,will be cntinued:)
i love the combination of these two colors,and im so happy that my room would be in these two colors:)

hee,cpatlah pindah.x sabar nak ade bilik mcm hotel:)