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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

been a long time i didnt post any entry,sorry fr myself:( im pretty damn tired with the endless homework assignment and projects. but x pelah,sacrifice dania sacrifice:)
hee.oh yea exam dh nk dekat,cuaknyaaa:(im hoping for the best.byk sgt sacrifice aku buat tahun ni.i mean this sem,i hope its worth:) talking bout life,nothg much but i just find out that he will try on other girl,that's great:) im happy for you,i mean i yg suruh kan.so i thnk i can deal with this emotionally break down,its okay.nothg last pun kan.ive accpted it,and seeing u moving so fast,i guess i have let go,its hard though but biarla i get over it slowly,i know somehow org mane yg boleh ttbe je okay kan?but this is what we called risiko nye lah,for you,i'll pray for ur happiness.:') nothg much i asked.oh and korang korang sume,i'll change my number soon i blek rumah,so nnti u guys dptlah text from me nnti,hee.and oh last few days trah called me,surprisingly:) rindu dia,hehe.tp kiteorg dh x mcm dulu pun,but xpe lah.people grow up kan,masing2 ade jalan sndri,hee,but i'll try to maintain friendship ni,dh lame kut ngn dia,so lets just remember the good one je lah.

move on dania,<3

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