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Thursday, June 30, 2011

tiba tiba rasa susah nak teruskan hidup.for those yang baca about my life surely korang cakap asl lah aku ni asyik bersedih je kan.but the fact is memang pun hmm at one point when i laugh too much,it means that im trying to hide my true feeling:) thats the thing i learn for the past few years. smile and keep laughing eventhough only you know the pain, tapi tipulah if aku langsung tak pernah sedih in front of the public kalau dah macamtu means emotion dah tak boleh kawal.i did cry few times but if its the only way to feel much more relieved then nak buat macamana.one thing yang aku belajar,appreciate your lifelah okay people:) value every single thing and dont take for grated dont keep complaining about your life eventhough i did so:) hmm entah la i wish i could have the gut to make my own decision to actually be brave and feel confidence with whatever thing i do. and its really hard when sometimes your memory keeps following you,and you try to erase them bit by bit for the sake of everyone's happiness:') dah nak masuk 3 bulan and insyaAllah evrything will be fine. lagipun God's willing tahun depan masuklah aku belajar in medical field.doakan aku ye;) mane2 belajar pun sama janji niat nak tolong orang.InsyaAllah dipermudahkan:) and entah bila dah 19 tahun ni hehe bajet dah besar dah tak nak flirt flirt dah.its time to find someone who can be our future husband:P haha okay ni dah menggedik i mean not now lah people! meaning if i want to really get into relationship,insyaAllah i'll preserve and take good care of the relationship,dah tak nak main main.well thats just my wish:) we dont know what life have offered kan.so move on:)


  1. good luck dania inarah..
    wish u epy always

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  3. OMG!is it you?lamenya tak borak dengan kau:')

  4. Jyeahhhh. I read your blog since ages Dania.
    Tak comment, tak tegur je hahaha malu.
    Hope you're doing good. Nak tgk kau spastik
    macam dulu! Jangan tension tension okeh.

  5. oh hee ye ke?terharunya aku hehe sumpah rindu kau:) hehe alala what makes kau nak comment ni?:) hehe oh aku still spastik la tapi x seover dulu la haha hmmm okay babe<3

  6. First few sentences for this post kot.
    Just to let you know ada juga orang yang support dalam diam hihi :)

  7. hee yeah thanks taw support:) at least i know there are still friends who care much about me:)